so when’s “girl the hell up” gonna catch on, cause i mean



Who came up with the idea that feminists burn bras? Bras are expensive. Feminists would burn something far less valuable. Like men.

This post is five hours old and I already have upset men in my inbox god bless.



Slytherin wasn’t the only founder to leave a concealed chamber at Hogwarts— before her death, Helga Huffelpuff created a secret room which would help all students, regardless of house affiliation or purity of blood. It’s been called many things throughout the centuries; today it’s known as the Room of Requirement. 


Guy: What do girls do at sleepovers?
Me: Pass the Bechdel test.




I want a movie about a little girl, aged like 11-12, going through the stuggles of prepubescent girl life, with her entire inner monologue is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson.

Shot of disgruntled adorable little girl.

SLJ: I knew that Susie was a backstabbin’ motherfucker, and if anyone was going to ruin my chances of being Miss Sugar Drop Queen, it was that asshole. 

I didn’t know I needed this in my life until now.

This is never not funny